Red Rocks Studio Services
Album mastering
CD demos
Remote audio recording
Music video production
Radio commercial production
Video recording and editing
Personalized YouTube videos
CD/DVD duplication and printing
Custom Media Conversion
Cassette tape and vinyl albums converted to CD’ or MP3’s
VHS, Hi8, and MiniDV tapes converted to DVD

Equipment List: 1 Roland VS2480CD Digital Studio Workstation, 2 DS-90A Studio monitor, 1 ART TPS II dual tube mic pre, 1 ART MP Studio tube mic pre, 1 BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer, 1 Newmark CDN25 Pro CD player, 1 Onkyo TX-84 receiver, 2 JBL LT-1 studio monitor, 1 Onkyo TX-890 receiver, 2 Infinity 150 studio monitor, 1 Boss TU-12 chromatic tuner, 1 Crown XLS 402, 1 Crown Micro-Tech 1200

Headphones: 1 Sony MDR-7506, 1 Sure Pro/4AA, 1 AKG K-55, 1 Sony MDR-V600, 1 ART 4ch. Headphone amp
Microphones: 1 AT 4033A, 1 AKG C3000B, 4 AKG C1000S, 1 AKG C900, 2 Sure SM58, 4 Sure SM57
Media: We use only Taiyo Yuden archival CD's.

About the Roland VS-2480CD / Digital Studio Workstation: The VS-2480CD 24-track Digital Studio Workstation is the first self-contained recording workstation to offer 24-track/24-bit digital recording with 64-channel digital mixing, onboard effects processing and onboard CD burning. This revolutionary workstation also boasts 17 motorized faders, plus a VGA Monitor Output for software-style control using a mouse and optional ASCII keyboard. Rock-solid hardware with the flexibility of software—that's the new VS-2480CD. Please call to schedule studio time or to get a free consultation.

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